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Suzanne DeStefano

Suzanne DeStefano, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner


Those moments when you are one with your horse. There is a sense of ease. There is a sense that you are weightless. You feel secure. The relationship with your horse is harmonious. Your horse just seems to float. 

We ride for those moments. To many they are fleeting, gone as soon as the moment arrives. To others the sense of unity is elusive. Then there are those that have mastered the self-organization and awareness that makes it a daily occurrence. It is simply how they ride.

What is the difference?

I invite you to join in the process that uncovers the secrets that can transform your riding from all too often struggle and frustration to effortless achievement.  

  • Do you have the conviction to find the actions within yourself to develop a seat that functions effortlessly for that is the major component of clear communication with your horse.
  • Do you have the courage to push aside trends and debunk the popular myths that surround horse riding and truly understand the dynamics involved for riding effectively and safely
  • Are you curious enough to study the secrets of the great masters’ seats
  • Are you dedicated and motivated to engage in a process of self-discovery  where you learn to be kind with yourself  and your horse.
  • Are you able to embrace a process that creates an environment of self discovery and learning that builds upon itself


My job is to see how you move.

In other words, how you function.

I  teach you how to move better for better functioning

I know what to look for in efficient movement.

I can see where you are getting in your own way.

I can explain good movement.

I can guide you in the process to develop better movement

And how to transfer it onto the saddle.


This process will  improve how you move for greater balance, flexibility and ease. Your position on your horse will improve. You will change your movement patterns to solve your long term riding problems. 

I was stuck in the same way. I dreamt of riding effortlessly, my horse light yet powerful. Typical instruction helped me understand what the end goals were, but I failed to achieve them when confronted with my underlying movement patterns. Those patterns were not recognized by myself and my riding instructors didn’t see or were incapable of providing the guidance to help solve them.  I had movement patterns that prevented me from advancing.

With dedication to improving how I moved and applying it to my riding, I am now enjoying training my horses more than I thought possible. Riding and training is simpler and more rewarding. My day to day experience with my horses is intriguing and positive. I invite you to allow me to guide you so you can help yourself develop the skills for better riding you desire to achieve.