To Improve Your Riding, Improve Your Movement.

Discover the relationship between movement and thought.

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Improve Your Riding

Creating breakthroughs in your riding. What is limiting your progress? As an experience movement educator and riding instructor, I will identify the source of your limitation and guide you with strategies that allow you to help yourself. The result is effective integration of horse and rider through small shifts in movement and/or thought for lasting changes.

Change Your Movement

Innovative movement lessons are designed to improve your ability to move, to think and to function. Rider athletes benefit from these lessons with better performance and improved sensory awareness, or move without pain. More efficient movement and thinking brings about changes easily. You will wonder why others continue to struggle!

About Suzanne

Changing how I moved transformed my riding! Allow me to share with you the same skills that brought me greater awareness, confidence and self-reliance for better results. This training also enhanced my ability to assess current skill levels of students and horses which enables me to create a “process oriented approach” and strategy for improvement.